Hornsund Fiord area 1936-2010

Hornsund area extracted from different archive data. Detailed description of the source data and accuracy data for glaciers from hydrological basin of Hornsund can be found in: Błaszczyk M., Jania J.A., Kolondra L., 2013: Fluctuations of tidewater glaciers in Hornsund Fiord (Southern Svalbard) since the beginning of the 20th century. Polish Polar Research, 34( 4): 327-352. http://journals.pan.pl/dlibra/publication/114504/edition/99557/content

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Source http://ppdb.us.edu.pl/geonetwork/srv/eng/catalog.search#/metadata/a682a70d-05ac-48b5-bfba-da88a0fc203e
Principal Investigator Małgorzata Błaszczyk
Data Curator Małgorzata Błaszczyk
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Created January 8, 2021, 14:44 (UTC)
Parameter name(s) area of fiord