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Community Based Monitoring datasets and programs

INTAROS is working closely with several local communities and citizen science programs across the Arctic. In one of these programs, INTAROS partner GEUS is collaborating with the municipality in Qeqertalik, Greenland, to collect information on seismic activity. A pilot program with seismic stations operated by local community members have been established, and the data collected feeds into the Raspberry Shake Community and the GEUS’ earthquake bulletin A data portal shown in image below gives access to the seismic data from this community. This and other CBM datasets can be found here.


Welcome to the INTAROS data catalogue

INTAROS collects data within key regions of the Arctic, and provides access to these datasets and other datasets of relevance to our targeted stakeholders. This Data Catalog contains descriptions of collected, derived and estimated datasets that are generated within the project.