Oceanographic data from profiling Argo floats in the Nordic Seas

Polish national contribution to the Euro-Argo ERIC under the Argo Poland program. Polish Argo floats are deployed in the subpolar North Atlantic and Nordic Seas to trace Atlantic water pathways and monitor transformation of Atlantic inflow during its northward transition towards the Arctic Ocean (73-80°N, 0-20°E, the eastern Norwegian and Greenland seas and eastern Fram Strait). The floats are set to parking depth of 1000 dbar and have profiling range from surface to 2000 dbar with a full cycle of of 10 days. Duration: 2009 - ongoing (annual deployments of 2-3 floats).

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Field Value
Source https://fleetmonitoring.euro-argo.eu/dashboard?Status=Active,Inactive&Country=Poland&Basin=ARCTIC OCEAN,ATLANTIC OCEAN
Principal Investigator Waldemar Walczowski
Data Curator Małgorzata Merchel
Version 2.0
Last Updated May 4, 2022, 21:04 (UTC)
Created November 29, 2018, 21:57 (UTC)
Parameter name(s) {"time series of ocean temperature, ocean salinity, ocean pressure, ocean currents",""}
Project/Program name(s) {"Argo Poland",""}
Observing system name {"Argo Poland",""}