Airborne observations of atmospheric composition and physical parameters

The datasets belong to the data collection "AIRMETH_vertical_profiles_Polar5". The data were collected in the Mackenzie Delta, Canada, and the North Slope of Alaska during two aircraft AIRMETH (Airborne Measurements of Methane Fluxes) campaigns (Kohnert et al., 2014, Hartmann et al., 2018, Kohnert et al., 2018, Serafimovich et al., 2018, Kohnert et al., 2018) that aimed at capturing exchange processes between the surface and the atmosphere across large arctic permafrost landscapes. The study periods were 28 June to 10 July 2012 and 19 July to 26 July 2013. The datasets included in “AIRMETH_vertical_profiles_Polar5” contain vertical profiles of parameters until the top of the atmospheric boundary layer. The data from the Mackenzie Delta were collected in 2012 and 2013, those of the North Slope of Alaska in 2012.

A link to download the datasets from the Pangaea database will follow.


Hartmann, J., Gehrmann, M., Kohnert, K., Metzger, S., and Sachs, T. (2018). New calibration procedures for airborne turbulence measurements and accuracy of the methane fluxes during the AirMeth campaigns. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11, 4567-4581.

Kohnert, K., Serafimovich, A., Metzger, S., Hartmann, J., Sachs, T. (2017). Strong geologic methane emissions from discontinuous terrestrial permafrost in the Mackenzie Delta, Canada. Scientific Reports, 7, 5828.

Kohnert, K., Juhls, B., Muster, S., Antonova, S., Serafimovich, A., Metzger, S., Hartmann, J., Sachs, T. (2018). Toward Understanding the Contribution of Waterbodies to the Methane Emissions of a Permafrost Landscape on a Regional Scale – A Case Study from the Mackenzie Delta, Canada. Global Change Biology, 24(9), 3976-3989.

Kohnert, K., Serafimovich, A., Hartmann, J., Sachs, T (2014). Airborne Measurements of Methane Fluxes in Alaskan and Canadian Tundra with the Research Aircraft “Polar 5”. Reports on Polar and Marine Research 673, ISSN 1866-3192, pp. 81.

Serafimovich, A., Metzger, S., Hartmann, J., Kohnert, K., Zona, D., Sachs, T. (2018). Upscaling surface energy fluxes over the North Slope of Alaska using airborne eddy-covariance measurements and environmental response functions. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 18, 10007-10023.

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Field Value
Principal Investigator Torsten Sachs
Data Curator Katrin Kohnert, Andrei Serafimovich
Last Updated February 5, 2021, 17:54 (UTC)
Created November 24, 2018, 19:49 (UTC)
Observing system name LAND: Surface-atmosphere fluxes
Parameter name(s) timestamp, longitude, latitude, height above ground level, static pressure, CH4 wet mole fraction, temperature, wind components (u,v,w), H2O dry mass fraction
Project/Program name(s) AIRMETH, INTAROS